Style and values

Being custodians

Expressing a territory

Dogliani d.o.c.g. embodies the family’s distinctive style and identity. The choice to list the names of the cru and individual vineyards represents our way of interpreting wine. Our wines aim to reflect the distinct traits of each vineyard, the specific soil, and the climatic conditions of each vintage. While our products may vary from year to year, their core essence and authenticity consistently uphold the values of terroir and elegance that have always defined Chionetti wines.

Chionetti wines embrace the progression of oenology and agronomy, while upholding a deep reverence for tradition, all with a steadfast purpose: making high quality wines that respect the land.

Terroir and vineyards
Organic agriculture

Chionetti’s winemaking legacy has evolved through a continuous quest for grape quality and vineyard health. This commitment extends to meticulous attention to agronomic practices, beginning with the elimination of herbicides and evolving to embrace certified organic cultivation.

The winery embraces a nature-friendly approach to vineyard management, following the principles of organic agriculture. The pruning system of the vines is guyot, and most of the operations in the vineyard are performed manually.
Thinning is carried out from the beginning of grape ripening, then followed by careful selection of the grapes during harvest.

History and tradition

Our values

Guarding the tradition