Langhe DOC


Langhe d.o.c.

Grape Variety

Rhine Riesling

Production Area

In the municipality of Dogliani, in the hamlet of Martina, the vineyard thrives at approximately 600 meters on the southern slope of a hill characterized by whitish marls alternating with compact sandstones, known as the ‘stone of Langa.’ These are poor, shallow soils, susceptible to summer drought, but they contribute to the wine’s distinctive personality and minerality.



Vinification and aging

Harvest, settling, and alcoholic fermentation in September. 8 months ‘sur lie’ in temperature-controlled steel tanks.

Wine characteristics

In appearance, it displays a straw yellow color with green reflections. In its youth, it presents delicate notes of white flowers and citrus, intermingled with more vegetal hints on the nose. On the palate, the prominent acidity imparts great freshness, culminating in a savory finish.


Organic Wine

Production Area

Hamlet Martina

The subsoil

In the municipality of Dogliani, perched on the Martina hill at the fringes of the Alta Langa, where the vineyards reach elevations of up to 800 meters above sea level, we have discovered a new potential: the Riesling. This wine embodies our quest for the unique aromas and flavors of this terroir, providing a white alternative to the renowned array of Piedmontese reds that define the Chionetti winery.

This exceptional location is perched on the southern slope of a hill characterized by whitish marls interspersed with dense sandstones, locally referred to as the ‘Langa stone.’ These geological formations originate at the juncture of the Lequio Formation, typical of Serralunga d’Alba, and the Murazzano Formation. These soils are meager and shallow, making them susceptible to summer drought. However, in our endeavor, they serve to impart personality and minerality to the wine.