San Luigi

Dogliani DOCG


Dogliani d.o.c.g.

Grape Variety

100% Dolcetto

Production Area

San Luigi is an official cru of Dogliani d.o.c.g. in the municipality of Dogliani.


about 30,000

Vinification and aging

Harvest and alcoholic fermentation in September. It is aged for approximately one year from the harvest until sale. The wine is not filtered.

Wine characteristics

In appearance, it is very intense, with violet hues. The nose recalls typical fruity notes of cherry and red berries. On the palate, it has good acidity, and the tannins are present but mild.


Organic Wine

The subsoil

The western side of the San Luigi valley, where our San Luigi wine comes from, is characterized by a gentle slope that has facilitated the accumulation and evolution of the soil. The soil is on the surface reddish, clayey, tenacious, and fertile, imparting a pleasant and immediate aroma to our Dogliani San Luigi.

The origin of the name “dolcetto” has been a subject of interest among experts for years. A fascinating detail emerges from a document dated 1593, kept in the archives of the Dogliani Municipality, which refers to the “Ordini per le vindimie” – harvest orders of the time. Here it mentions “dozzetti” (as Dolcetti were called at the time), recognized as the dominant variety and subject to special regulations. Among the rules, it was even prohibited to harvest before the feast of San Matteo, which comes on September 21, under penalty of confiscation of the harvest.